10 Apps to Make Your Vacation Effortlessly Awesome

Before you go:

1. PackPoint Packing List
This smart application will make organizing your packing list (no matter how big or small) a complete breeze. The perfect app for families, PackPoint will organize what you need to pack based on length of travel, weather at your destination, and any activities planned during your trip. PackPoint builds your packing list accordingly so that you have everything you need for your travels AND bonus your packing list gets its own website. Your PackPoint Packing List is easy to share with fellow family members and friends so no needs are left behind. Pack smarter, not harder with PackPoint. https://www.packpnt.com/

2. The Weather Channel
Stay in the know before you go and once you arrive with The Weather Channel. Formulate and coordinate your plans flawlessly with this powerful mobile app. Remain informed with reliable forecasts, interactive radar and real-time rain alerts, backed by the most trusted name in weather - The Weather Channel! https://weather.com/apps

Upon Arrival:

3. Explore OC
Get access to it all with Explore OC. The ultimate Ocean City vacation application. Find out what do do. Where to go and when to do it; all in one app! Enjoy ExploreOC SuperDeals of the week on which you can save big and even score free stuff! Perhaps you’re interested in local events and entertainment? ExploreOC offers a day to day calendar of what’s happening right now as well as a complete compilation of attractions, activities, and more! On Explore OC you can find fun for the entire family and all of the area’s deals all in one place. Searching for a particular type of cuisine? Explore OC can help. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood, a sirloin steak, or buttery linguini, you’ll find just what your taste buds are craving on Explore OC and in one of Ocean City’s best restaurants. Be in the know before, when and while you go with ExploreOC! https://exploreoc.com/

4. TransLoc Rider
If you’re planning on utilizing local transportation, download TransLoc Rider to track down Ocean City’s Beach Bus, which runs up and down Coastal Highway, in real time. Don’t spend your vacation playing the waiting game, get out and enjoy some serious fun in the sun! Ride-All-Day passes can be purchased within the app for $3, and in the summer season the Beach Bus runs from May 24th - September 23, every 10 minutes between 6am and 3am and every 20 minutes between 3am and 6am. http://translocrider.com/

5. ParkMobile
Keep the change in your pocket and download ParkMobile for perfect parking convenience. On ParkMobile drivers can pay for parking in Ocean City, Rehoboth Beach, and Lewes right from their cell phone. ParkMobile also sends text message notifications throughout the duration of your park and warns users when your parking is about to expire. You can even extend time through the application; don’t rush your relaxation! Download ParkMobile. https://parkmobile.io/

On The Beach:

6. Beach Safety
Beach bravely with My Surf World’s Beach Safety app. This particular app provides a variety of tips on how to stay safe at the ocean, and more also offers more specific information such as how to recognize and escape from riptides and detailed information on jellyfish and burn treatments. This easy-to-understand app is well worth your download. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/beach-safety/id367259543?mt=8

**7. Tidegraph **
Whether you’re a surfer searching for rad swells, a waterman prepping for the open ocean or a beachgoer interested in safely enjoying an afternoon spread out on the sand be sure to check out Tidegraph. Tidegraph features real-time tide information and updates for all waterlovers. Aside from the fun and interactive tide graphs, Tidegraph also features sunset and sunrise, moonrise and moonset, and even moon phases! Ensure your beach safety this vacation with Tidegraph. https://www.tidegraph.com/

8. QSun
Practice safe skin with QSun! Have all the fun in the sun and avoid skin damage with this application. QSun analyzes skin health, provides a daily UV Index forecast, and assists in finding the best sunscreen and the correct amount for different skin types. With QSun you can safely enjoy your vacation and banish burns for good! https://qsun.co/app/

9. OSVCount.com
If you’re bound for Assateague Beach, plan to drive on and post up. Check out OSVCount.com before you go. OSVCount.com is the ultimate application for On-Sand-Vehicle beach-going adventure seekers. This all encompassing application features the number of vehicles on the beach, how many vehicles are waiting in line, what the fly situation is like, the daily weather forecast, wind speed, water temperature and tide prediction. It’s everything you’ve ever needed to plan the perfect beach day. https://osvcount.com/

While You’re Here and Once You Go:

10. Instagram
Capture, edit, and share your awesome vacation photos with Instagram! Relive the magic of your oceanside getaway and stay with the #MonteCarloHotelGroup ! The fun doesn’t have to end when you leave the beach, stay connected with all your new discoveries and look forward to making new memories in Ocean City, Maryland. https://www.instagram.com/

Don’t hesitate to make your vacation great. Download and discover these 10 must-have applications in order to completely ensure an outstanding Ocean City experience TODAY!